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historical research services

Heritage Werks specializes in discovering the facts, imagery, stories and perspectives that make your history unique.

Our team of sports and brand historians and expert researchers are skilled at tracking down information and evaluating the accuracy of available sources so that you can explore and authenticate your history. We provide research and reference services from within our clients’ archives as well as from outside repositories and publications. 

We'll capture your history in ready reference documents that are designed to provide both an at-a-glance and in-depth history of your organization — to fuel storytelling, brand narratives, celebrations, corporate culture and more.

And when challenges arise (a PR crisis, new litigation or a sudden leadership change) or when opportunities surface (placement of a vintage product in a movie, a themed display for a sales meeting or negotiations for sponsorship) we can respond quickly to provide the images, stories, context or content you need.

Our Experience includes research for:

Anniversaries         Hollywood movies
Books         Image & artifact discovery
Brand narratives         Litigation support
Copyright verification          Oral histories & story capture 
Company track records          Patents & product investigation 
Corporate culture          Photo sourcing & research 
Crisis communications          Product placement 
Customer queries          Public relations 
Documentaries          Sales support 
Exhibits          Sponsorship renewals 
Fact-checking          TV programming 











  • Our historians combine advanced history degrees from leading universities with in-depth experience working for top brands. We're trained. We're experienced. We know how to find answers.
  • Our proprietary workflows keep track of information sources without overwhelming you with confusing footnotes.
  • We provide well-researched, well-organized and well-written ready reference documents that prepare you to answer the questions that haven't been asked yet.
  • Whether we're assessing material inside your archives or from external sources, we can provide guidance on copyright and licensing of information, imagery and objects discovered, as well.


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