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Activate your brand with a ready resource designed to inspire, engage, inform and motivate key audiences



Honor and celebrate your team's heritage to fuel fan engagement and new revenue streams

Who We Help - Fashion Brands    

Fashion BrandS

Inspire design teams and strengthen customer loyalty through fresh, engaging brand narrative



Affordable, scalable archival programs to protect and preserve your legacy and personal brand



Inspire and engage donors, volunteers, staff and members with your mission and accomplishments

How We Help Production Companies    


Content to support documentaries and major motion pictures



Confidential archival services to support highly accomplished individuals

Content curation for heritage programming

Heritage Werks specializes in curating content for heritage programming including interactive heritage experiences, social media, publications, exhibits, museums, events, documentaries and anniversary programming.

Our DNA is collaborating with creative, media, PR and digital agencies, and our client's internal teams. We're great at sourcing the historical information and helping teams align the content to current branding, communications, leadership and philanthropic initiatives. We then package the content (including stories, experiences, milestones, images, objects and accomplishments) into ready-reference materials for communicators, creative strategists, writers, producers, designers and experiential programmers to leverage. Ready-reference materials may include brand histories, narratives and timelines, web-based content repositories and more.

We also digitize archival libraries to support creative initiatives. Digitizing serves a dual purpose — it provides a cost effective way to get information into the hands of multiple stakeholders at once and builds a resource that can be used today and in the future to inform, engage, motivate and inspire key audiences.

ideation & program innovation

Heritage Werks partners with our clients, their agencies, and our agency network to propose programs that provide lasting value. Our approach is designed to surface and align the best thinking from multiple stakeholders, resulting in efficient and highly effective ideation and heritage content and anniversary programming. 

we curate content for:

  • Ad campaigns
    Publications & eBooks
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Social media content
  • Content-rich experiences
  • Stadium decor & experiences
  • Documentaries
  • Storytelling & brand narratives
  • Exhibits & museums
  • Training
  • Fan engagement programs
  • TV content
Gamification of content      Videos & documentaries 
Heritage content & programming      Virtual & augmented reality 
Loyalty programs      Visitor centers 
Pop-up exhibits & events      Websites & web content 










Why Choose Heritage Werks?

  • We provide high-level strategic guidance, context and perspective to identify and secure heritage assets that support your strategic communications.
  • Our teams bring together experience from top brands, agencies, museums, archives, publishers and more — we know how to find and tell the stories brand communicators, creative agencies and company leaders want to highlight.
  • Most importantly, we make the process easy, efficient and highly rewarding for our clients.


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