Web-based Access

The Heritage Werks digital archive helps authorized users easily find, view, download and share archival information, which creates efficiencies, lowers operating costs and puts valuable content into the hands of people who can better collaborate, ideate and innovate with access to information. Learn more

archival services for organizations

Heritage Werks creates archival programs for associations, non-profit groups and charities who make the world a better place.

Build your reputation, your identity, your brand.

For your archive to build value, you need a system that preserves the right materials and makes them accessible to the people who make your organization great every day.

We build strategic archives that can help you discover, preserve and share your cultural roots, your visual identity, your unique stories and the evidence of everything you've accomplished. By leveraging these assets you can make your neighbors into friends and your friends into family and grow your organization.

Heritage Werks collaborates with organizations to build an archival program that will:

  • Organize and preserve your documented history and encourage the collection of undocumented history through story capture programs and oral histories;
  • Connect to the internal and external audiences you want to reach;
  • Document successes and failures;
  • Commemorate an anniversary, special event or ongoing endeavor;
  • Share organization values, mission and culture with new members and maintain positive morale and direction;
  • Provide information and context, verify facts and decisions and establish credibility;
  • Support legal information needs and defense;
  • Reinforce success and manage reputation;
  • Share information and communicate with key stakeholders inside and outside the organization; and
  • Show members, staff, donors and the board their contributions are valued and will be accessible for years to come.


collection storage and management

Heritage Werks is the first choice of organizations for the day-to-day storage and management of their archives. Each collection is supported by a cross-functional team of highly experienced archivists in our geo-secure, state-of-the art archival facilities, providing the highest standards in security, climate monitoring, disaster preparedness and response.

We provide all of the services necessary to support the information needs of your organization including developing policies and procedures for keeping the collection current and up-to-date, staffing an "on-demand" reference desk, seeding and embedding the service within your organization and providing web-based, self-service access to the collection. We accomplish this through a single, highly-collaborative and cost-effective annual program.

why choose heritage werks?

  • We provide cost-effective all-inclusive annual programs to manage, support and activate heritage.
  • We actively engage our clients throughout the archives planning, development, implementation and ongoing management process. We'll work with your agencies, your employees, your international teams, your vendors and partners, and your communities to make sure that your archive is exactly what you need and nothing you don't.
  • We ensure value and ROI. We understand that an archival program must be supported by a valuable business case and a return on investment, and we will collaborate with your teams to ensure both are established and met.


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