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The Heritage Werks digital archive helps authorized users easily find, view, download and share archival information, which creates efficiencies, lowers operating costs and puts valuable content into the hands of people who can better collaborate, ideate and innovate with access to information. Learn more

archival services for highly accomplished individuals and their families

Heritage Werks specializes in developing archival programs that protect, preserve and make accessible the moments, milestones, people, places, subjects, stories, events, memories and experiences that represent highly accomplished individuals and their families.

Borrowing best practices from our corporate archival practice but respecting the unique relationship with families and individuals, we provide secure archival services to create and maintain these unique physical and digital collections. The end result is a fully inventoried and preserved archive that can support media inquiries, document a legacy, inform a book project and much more. Materials are digitized and accessible to authorized users from the desktop, and the collection is safe, secure and maintained in a specialized, climate controlled facility.

Our teams of writers, researchers and curators also are available to support deliverables unique for family offices, such as family histories, genealogical reports, oral histories and digital image libraries.

We provide:

  • Expert advice about the types of assets to keep and what not to keep;
  • Options for aggregating and storing physical collections in a central location or establishing virtual, online collections;
  • Preservation of physical assets, with use of professional-quality archival supplies to stabilize material and reduce further deterioration;
  • Enhanced access through digitization and full-text searching;
  • Description and cataloging of assets with confidentiality, privacy and security in mind. We will work with you to capture the "stories" about the assets to provide description, context and to create additional value;
  • Oral history interviews to capture stories from loved ones;
  • Support for media inquiries, PR, reputation management or other outreach efforts;
  • Biography and memoir writing.


Why Choose Heritage Werks?

  • Heritage Werks can customize our level of support to meet your access needs — from simple photo albums and scrapbooks to web-based tools and databases designed to support fast access and dissemination of assets and information to your audience or potential users (i.e. the media, PR, business managers, partners, friends, family, colleagues and others).
  • We deploy best practices and options for use and outreach — for sentimental, nostalgic reasons or for media inquiries, PR, legacy management and more.


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