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With our proprietary, fully integrated digital preservation and asset management system, we help you capture, organize, manage and share all the good things in your archive. Whether it’s digitized images, text-searchable documents or audio/video files — our proprietary S2W (Scan-2-Web) Platform™ makes your files accessible to your global audiences. Learn more

archival services for celebrities

Heritage Werks specializes in providing archival services to celebrities. We provide affordable, scalable programs based on specific needs.

If you're a celebrity, you may have accumulated objects, photographs and other records of sentimental value, public interest and high financial value. You may have scripts, lyrics, playbooks or other professional papers or business contracts and negotiations that you want organized and accessible. We will work with you, your assistants, agents, managers, lawyers and accountants to identify your archival assets, prioritize your access needs and discuss use or donation opportunities. 


Heritage Werks helps celebrities organize and preserve their mementos, pictures and papers that document their experiences, accomplishments, talent and craft – in essence their legacy. These assets have the potential to live on through a donation to an alma matter, educational institution or library or to be shared with family, colleagues and friends. We also design practical systems for collecting and providing access to these assets between the many people who support a celebrity's personal brand.

Available Services

Our confidential celebrity archival services include:

  • Expert advice about the types of assets to keep (and what not to keep)
  • Options for aggregating and storing physical collections in a central location or establishing virtual, online collections
  • Preservation of physical assets, with use of professional-quality archival supplies to stabilize material and minimize further deterioration
  • Enhanced access through digitization and full-text searching
  • Description and cataloging assets with confidentiality, privacy and security in mind. We will work with you to capture the "stories" about the assets to provide description, context and to create additional value
  • Design and implementation of high-quality organization systems – from simple photo albums and scrapbooks to web-based tools and databases designed to support fast access and dissemination of assets and information to your audience or potential users (i.e. the media, PR, record labels, business managers, friends, family, colleagues and others)
  • Best practices and options for use and outreach – for sentimental, nostalgic reasons or for brand marketing and management
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